NEWPORT BEACH CA ~ Beautiful California Coast City
July 17, 2012. I stopped here in the city of NewPort Beach California for a couple hours. There’s a great place to eat called Ruby’s Shake Shack in the Crystal Cove area. On up from there a bit I found a pretty park with very nice views of the beach.

There’s some very nice houses in the area. NewPort Beach real estate. I parked across the street in front of a house a man was working on. He seemed very pleasant and told me I was perfectly fine parking right there in front of the house.

Boats and ships were frequently seen out in the ocean. People sounded like they were having fun along the water. Some were surfing the waves, others just swimming about. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too windy. If you’re sunbathing, regardless the mild climate, aways be sure not to spend too much time under the sun.


Mark Allen Channel (