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Proper automotive rust repair A quick video that follows a rust repair I did on my daughter’s car. The right way of dealing with rust is cutting it out and welding new metal in, no other method will yield any lasting repair. And no, rust can not be neutralized completely on a car, there are just too many places you can’t reach… No miracle product, no shortcuts….its just a long process… Don’t ask about price, I don’t do those kinds of repairs commercially, there is just no way to make money with those at a fixed price…


Make Money in Appliance Repair, Easy training coarse Dryer not coming on? The thermo/ over heat fuse may have blown, this is commonly caused by a clogged or kinked vent or inefficient air flow. Send for my Appliance Repair Business training coarse. Bill’s Entrps. P.O. Box 7021 Eureka Ca 95502. I only take on 2 students per year, so start today. The M.A.R.T. coarse includes 5 training video links and one full year business coaching. Appliance repair can be hazardous,the information is just theory, you may consult a qualified technician if you have any doubts about what this information is about. Thank you


Plumber – What is it and how do you become one? Want to know more about what a Plumber does and to change your perception of their work? Watch this video to better understand what they do and how to get into the skilled trade. To learn more about seeking an apprenticeship, please contact: Wes Zastrow, Training Director Milwaukee Area Plumbers, J.A.C. (414) 359-1318