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Auto Repair: Fix Transmission Shift Problem Ford 5R55E Explorer more – Ford used the 5R55E in many rear and 4 wheel Drive applications. It is a good transmission but is susceptible to the valve body gasket “blowing out.” The symptom of this in our vehicle was that the transmission missed second gear under acceleration but found a higher gear when we let off the gas pedal. This is an easy problem to diagnose and only requires basic tools. Pull your transmission pan down, remove your valve body and see if either the gasket between the plate and transmission is damaged (as on our Explorer) or the gasket between the plate and valve body is damaged. If they are then you have an inexpensive rewarding fix. If they aren’t you can put your transmission together and know you may have a more expensive problem. This transmission was used in Ford Aerostar, Ranger, Explorer, Thunderbird, Mustang Mazda B-Series pickup, Mercury Mountaineer, Lincoln LS and Jaguar S-Type. This problem is more common to the mid to late 90s models. Torque specifications for the valve body to transmission bolts are 6-8 foot lbs or 70-90 Inch lbs. The bolts that hold the transmission pan on are 10 foot lbs.


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How To Become A Plumber – Careers Interview Every fancied a job as a plumber? The Recruitment Guy interviews Hugh Doyle fromm Associated Response plumbers to gfind out what a plumber’s job is really about. We find out about money, training, prospects and the hard work….and the ‘grubby bits’!


Adrian’s first visit to the dentist Adrian was a little “angel” at the dentist. Everyone was so kind and gentle to him. I recommend Aventura Pediatric Dentistry to every parent. To learn more about Aventura Pediatric Dentistry please visit:


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Rep. Gohmert Demands Answers from Attorney General Holder Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) questioned U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in the House Judiciary Hearing on Oversight of the United States Department of Justice. He demanded answers and asked Holder who authorized the fast and furious gunrunning scandal.