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5. Insurance, the Archetypal Risk Management Institution, its Opportunities and Vulnerabilities Financial Markets (2011) (ECON 252) In the beginning of the lecture, Professor Shiller talks about risk pooling as the fundamental concept of insurance, followed by references to moral hazard and selection bias as prominent problems of the insurance industry. In order to provide an explicit example from the insurance industry, he elaborates on the story behind American International Group (AIG), from its creation by Cornelius Vander Starr in Shanghai in 1919, to Maurice “Hank” Greenberg’s time as CEO, until its bailout by the U.S. government in 2008. Subsequently, he turns toward the regulation of the insurance industry, covering state insurance guarantee funds, the role of the McCarran-Ferguson Act from 1945, as well as the impact of the Dodd-Frank bill on the insurance industry. He devotes special attention to two branches of the insurance industry–life insurance and health insurance–and emphasizes, among other aspects, the consequences of the health care overhaul in the U.S. from 2010. He discusses the example of earthquakes, with insurance in Haiti and catastrophe bonds in Mexico. At the end of the lecture, he critically reflects on the role of the insurance industry in the face of catastrophes. 00:00 – Chapter 1. Introduction 03:53 – Chapter 2. Concepts and Principles of Insurance 19:14 – Chapter 3. The Story behind AIG 35:51 – Chapter 4. Regulation of the Insurance Industry 50:04 – Chapter 5. Specific Branches of the Insurance Industry – Life and Health Insurances 01:03:18 – Chapter 6. Insurance in the Face of Catastrophes Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: This course was recorded in Spring 2011.


25 Things Fast Food Restaurants Don’t Want You To Know Although this probably won’t keep you from eating your favorite fast “food”, they say knowledge is power. So at least you can eat it powerfully. These are 25 things fast food restaurants don’t want you to know. Check out the text version too! – Here’s a preview: Those grill marks on your burger aren’t real. They were put there by the factory. If you want to make sure your french fries are fresh order them without salt. It will force us to cook a new batch. Then you can add your own salt. Our chili is just made out of meat from old burgers. Those salads you’re ordering have nearly just as many calories as one Big Mac One way to measure the cleanliness of a fast food restaurant is to look up into the ice chute of the drink dispenser. You’ll be surprised how often you can find mold up there. Actually, nearly 50% of restaurant fountain drink dispensers have fecal bacteria on them. Those pictures of our food you see in advertisements are airbrushed and touched up with fiberglass. It takes two hours just to set up one hamburger. In restaurant kitchens more people follow the 10 second rule than you’d like to think. We throw away an incredible amount of food every night. At some places, like Taco Bell, the food carries over. So guess what we serve you in the morning? Even restaurants from the same chain can have vastly different standards and quality. It usually depends upon the management. We’re supposed to wear gloves when we prepare food but most of the time nobody follows that rule. If you look around the parking lot, dining area, or bathroom and see a lot of trash what do think the less visible places (like the kitchen) look like? In 1970 only billion was spent on fast food. Today it is nearly 0 billion. Our soft drinks are marked up by nearly 1200%. The syrup in your coke only cost us a couple pennies. Our milkshakes can easily contain over 50 different kinds of chemicals. We fill our food with high fructose corn syrup because it’s a cheap sweetener. It also tricks your body into wanting more of it. In many places, just before close, all the coffee is decaf whether your ordered it with caffeine or not. This is because nobody wants to clean two different coffee pots. Be carefull with the lemons in your drink. Everybody touches them and nobody washes them. They just get cut up and laid out. As a cashier I’m not allowed to tell you how many calories are in a particular dish even if I know. I’m supposed to say “All that information is available online”. Those scrambled eggs are made out of powder Quite often our salads are made several days earlier and just sit on a tray in the refrigerator until someone orders them. One […]


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